Cheap Santa Cruz Organic Lemon/Limeaid

July 28, 2009
I paid .50 cents for all 3 bottles, here is how:

Yokes has them on sale 3 for $5.00

I had 3 .75 cent off coupons that I had printed from HERE.

(Unfortunately, they are not currently available, but they do put them up for printing about once per month so its worth bookmarking the site and checking it every so often. It says one coupon per registration, but it doesn't limit how often you register so you can "technically" print as many coupons as you need)

I also had 3 extra Albertsons Doublers.

3 Santa Cruz Organic Juices = $5.00

- .75 cents x 3 = $2.25

Subtotal = $2.75

- Albies doublers at .75 cents x 3 = $2.25

Total = .50 cents, or .16 cents each approximately.

Other then that, I have not been shopping much as we are still trying to eat down the Pantry but we are doing a pretty good job of it. My sister is coming to visit this week as well so I havent made a menu because we will probably eat out a few times or make meals together. Until then, we have left overs we need to eat up :)


Anonymous said...

You will have all those leftovers cleared out by the time we get home so we can have fresh victuals?

Leah said...

Ha! No, Ive been freezing the leftovers from the leftovers for lunches so there will still be some for you :)

The Mommy-Files said...

That's awesome! What a deal :)