Another Garden Update

July 31, 2009
Last day of the month again, time to clean out the coupon binder and ditch the expired ones. I always feel a bit sad on these days, all those beautiful coupons....gone....

Anyway, the good news is now that August is upon us all kinds of good things are coming out of the gardens and Farmers Markets. Most of the things in the photo are actually from my own garden, the exceptions being the Corn on the cob and the Watermelon, which I picked up at a little open air Market called Simply Produce. Its on the corner of N. Division and Garland St. I had read about it a couple months ago in the paper, driven by it a few times and today I decided to stop in and see what they had.

Im glad I did, I was secretly hoping to pick up a Watermelon and some Corn for a BBQ we're having for my sister and some friends this weekend. The Corn and Melon are from Hermiston, which is about 3 - 4 hours from Spokane. The Watermelon was .33 cents per pound and I thought that was pretty good considering I don't recall seeing it any cheaper in the grocery stores and they were very nice looking melons. The corn was 4 for $1.00, and that beats the pants off the grocery stores right now. I remember just a few years ago you could get corn 10 for $1.00 and now they are trying to tell me that 3 for $1.00 is "sale". Good Grief! The corn was pretty picked over, but I found 8 nice ears and I overheard the very nice gentleman who seems run the stand telling another customer that he would be getting more corn soon.

My own garden is in Green Bean overload right now, the Bush beans are coming on really well, Im picking a good half gallon every day if not every other day. The Pole beans have been a bit disappointing, I expected more (like I had last year). Im not sure if its the location or the variety I planted. The lettuce is on its last hoo-raa, the hot weather is making it bolt so I have been picking what is still edible and pretty much forcing it upon my neighbors. Those green leafy things in lower left corner are called New Zealand Spinach. Its a heat tolerant variety that wont bolt in the hot weather and has a slightly spicy peppery flavor. Its great cooked or raw and last a long time in the fridge too. And, those round red things are the first beets I have picked but the rest will be pulled up by Monday. My sister and I are going to pickle and can them and that should be interesting if not fun since neither one of us has a clue about how to do it. If it works out ok, I might try making some cucumber pickles. I didnt grow any cucumbers but there is a bunch of Farmer's Markets around the area right now so Im sure I will be able to buy some nice fresh local ones way cheaper then I could in the grocery stores. Or, if anyone reading this is growing cucumbers for pickles and wants to trade some for greenbeans let me know :)

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