Kmart Sales ending 6/20

I was picking up around the house and decided to just go through the Kmart sales flyer from last Sunday before throwing it out and actually found a couple good deals.

I generally dont shop at Kmart, unless they are doing the Double coupon promotions and they havent done one of those in Spokane since March. Besides that, the one on North Division is a rather...um...scary...not so much the other shoppers, but that flock of FEROCIOUS Seagulls. They seem to enjoy making it a total run for your life when you get out of your car and then again when you leave the store. And then it looks like a herd of Pterodactyls pooped all over your car after you have parked in that lot.

I did spot a couple good deals there this week so I might have to brave the evil Seagulls and go by there by Saturday.

Purex 3 -in-1 $5.00 each
- $1.00 PRINTABLE = $4.00
And there is a Money Back Guarantee HERE = Free
(Thanks for finding this form Frugal Chic)

Country Time or Kool-Aid canisters, 2 for $4.00
-$1.50 off 2 PRINTABLE = 2 for $2.50

Dane-Elec 4 GB USB Flash Drives, $9.99 each
Im thinking that its never to early to start Christmas shopping, and these make great stocking stuffers.

So, now I can throw out the paper!


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