Friday's Freebies!!

I got this cool widget called Feedjit (see over there on the right) that lets me know when someone has visited my blog and what city they are from. Its kind of like a blog GPS and totally fascinating to watch, especially when I get International Hits (how the heck did they find me?) So, for my shy invisapeeps, I have been compiling a list of stuff that I have found on the web and other blogs that are for free items to share with you today. Here goes!

Free Candy! Every Friday, M&Ms (Mars) are giving away a Free Candy Bar, you just have to go SIGN UP FOR ONE. Bonus, you can actually sign up for 4 free candy bars (1 per email per week) for the duration of the promotion.

SIGN UP HERE and recieve a coupon for a Free Flatbread Melt from DiGiorno. These are pretty good. I got a few of the a while back for free from Albertsons during one of their doublers weeks. (Free lunch for the hubby)

Free Tube or Tin of Burt's Bees Lip Balm. This a tricky one, Burt's Bees is giving away 1000 Tubes or Tins a day but they like to play with you a bit and change the times of day when they start letting you sign up for it. Usually its in the morning, 6 AM to 9AM EST, so us in the PST have to get up pretty early to get in on it. I managed to one day and got a tube for me and another for Ginger.

SIGN UP FOR a Free Sample of Emeril's Original Essence. BAM!

SIGN UP FOR a Free Candle Tin from Glade.

And dont forget to pick up your FREE WASHER FLUID from Napa. Since your running over to Napa, might as well stop by A & W for a FREE ROOTBEER FLOAT Today only.

Or, if your heading over to the Mall pick your self up a FREE LIGHT SMOOTHIE at the Orange Julius. Today only as well.

But, if your not planning on going any where today, you can still get some free stuff from Walmart by signing up for their FREE SAMPLES and also get $30.00 in Coupons by SIGNING UP HERE.

There's all kinds of free stuff out there, when you know where to look. Like NWAdeals and Money saving Mom to name a couple. Not only did I find most of the free stuff on their websites, but they have even more free stuff listed and links to other sites that have even more free stuff. Its virtually never ending.

I am going to be playing with my blog some more this weekend and I hope I dont mess it up. Im trying to figure out how to make a banner and a button (3 days at it already and Im still clueless) Wish me luck!


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