Walmart Score!

Total Score on Walmart!
I went there this morning to stock up on the what I thought was going to be almost free Kraft Salad dressing and free Kraft BBQ Sauce but when I got there....
The Salad dressing had been rolled back to $1.50!
So, I used my $1.50 coupons from the 5/10/09 SS and got 6 Salad dressings for FREEEEE!!! The last time I purchased it was at the Shadle Walmart and they were charging $1.58, so I was totally prepared to pay .48 cents for 6 bottles of dressing....
I picked up 3 bottles of Kraft BBQ sauce, Walmart price .98 Cents per bottle and after my 3 $1.00 Kraft coupons Walmart actually owed me .06 cents!
But...they weren't about to just let me walk out of there with their money and told me that I had to purchase something that the credit could put toward and my bad but the Twix had actually been talking to me while I was in the check out line so I grabbed it.
My Total...
.58 cents !!
I was rather irritated with myself over letting the Twix get to me, but then again, how often do you get 6 bottles of Salad dressing and 3 bottles of BBQ Sauce and a delicious candy bar for less then a buck?
I guess I will get over it

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Anonymous said...

You might not get over it but you will get used to it. LOL