Math Lesson at Albertsons

Taking a page out of the Frugal Chic's handbook today, I mosied over to the Albertsons on Indian Trail to take advantage of the $4/ off $10 promo this week. I got:
  • 4 cans of Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce
  • 4 boxes of Suddenly Salad
  • 2 4ct. packages of Yoplait Yo-plus yogurt
  • 1 loaf of Albertsons French Bread

Total Before Coupons $16.69


$4.00 Instant Savings with the Albertson Preferred card

$1.50 x 2 for the yogurt

.40 cents x 4 for the Suddenly Salad

$1.69 Albertsons store coupon for the bread

Total Savings = $10.29 making the total bill $6.40

Wrong, Im looking at the reciept while Im walking out and its just not working for me. Now, I will be the first to admit that my mental math skills are not that great, but I knew it was going to bother me if I didnt go back and ask them to explain the reciept to me.
Long story short ( I know, too late already). Before it was over the cashier, the customer service rep and one of the front end managers were trying to figure it out. Taking the promo into consideration, I should have been charged .75 cents each for the Enchilada sauce and Suddenly Salad, and $1.50 for each of the yogurt packages for a total of $9.00 even, minus my $4.60 in MFR Coupons for a grandtotal of $4.40.
So, they gave me $2.00 back and I got all that stuff in the photo for $4.40!
And there is today's math lesson.
Plus, I will get an additional $2.50 refund from Yoplait, bringing the whole order down to $1.90


Anonymous said...

The pantry must be full...where ya gonna put all that stuff?

Kate said...

Ooh, I hadn't seen the yoplait rebate form before! Thanks for the link :) Good job catching the receipt errors before you even left the store ... that doesn't happen when I've got the kids in tow for sure!