My 5 Things for this week

I didn't post a 5 Things last week because I got busy and forgot!  I did manage to get most of the things done though and a bunch of freezer meals made as well :)

1. Still have those clothes to go through! I swear, I am doing it today!

2. Re-organize and clean out the broom closet. I have been purchasing alot of cleaning supplies and really need to get them put away in a manner that lets me know what all I got, or I will forget and go buy more.

3. Clean the office and the boy's room - so much easier said then done :(

4. Buy more Squash seeds and get them started, the last batch didn't go. The seeds were 2 years old and while I have been quite successful using old seeds with other plants, these were a total no show.  
5. Laundry, laundry, laundry!

6. Start planning the menu for our Memorial Day camping trip.

7. Wash the camping bedding, cookware and dishes.

This week's 5 Things:

1. Yard work and getting the garden in. Am planting lettuce, broccoli and Broccoli Rabe. Also need to spout a few of my green bean seeds to see if they are still good.

2. Find the camp cookware (where did it go?), wash it.

3. Polish kitchen appliances, they are getting pretty dull.

4. Try my very best to stay away from the grocery stores.  We have most everything we need this week outside of fresh milk and produce and I have a $5 Cat from Albertsons to use for that.  I am hoping to get my Fred Meyer reward coupons this week too so I can take both to Yokes and get the milk and produce I need for free :)

5. Clean out the email inbox! It's getting pretty ugly.

Many thanks to Tabitha at Saving for a Better Future for hosting the 5 things challenge!

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