Menu Plan Monday

Happy May!

As this is the first week of the month, my mom and I are planning on cooking extra this week and stock up on some freezer meals and dishes again. She is going to be going back over to the coast during this month and we like to send over freezer meals for my grama and grampa. They are getting up there in years and are in questionable health so we send over what ever we think we can pack into their freezer to help them through the weeks that we aren't there and that way they don't feel well enough to shop or cook they still have a good meal available.

So, here is the plan this week:

Monday - go shopping for the remaining ingredients needed to Power out some freezer meals!

Chicken Pattie Sandwitches
Oven baked home fries

Tuesday - power cooking 2 whole chickens in the Pressure Cooker and prepping it for Wendesday.

triple batch of Homemade Mac-n-cheese (one for tonight and 2 for the freezer)
Green beans

Wendesday -

Chicken Enchilada Marathon! Scored real nice and got 60 flour torillas for .24 cents, so we will put as many together as we have chicken and trays for.
Green Salad
Cottage Cheese

Thursday -

Double batch of Maryanns Baked Beans. I keep forgetting to ask her if I can share the recipe and they are so darn good. It is kind of a combination of this recipeand this recipe and they freeze really well. I am going to make them in the crockpot.

Pulled Pork sandwitches (from the freezer)
Left over green salad

Friday -

Left overs if any, snacky foods otherwise. We have alot of appetizers in the freezer that will suffice.

Saturday -

Mashed Potato casserole marathon

A version of Smoked Sausage Bake only with real mashed potatoes and smoked sausage for dinner.
Mixed Vegetables

Sunday - Mother's day :)

I am not going to make a menu for this day. Mom and I are going to be worn out by all the extra cooking we have done so the plan is, once the boys realize there is no dinner on the menu that they will panick and propose eating out!

LOL :) Maybe The Mustard Seed? Maybe I should make reservations....

Check out what everyone else is having for dinner this week at The Orgjunkie's MPM!


ahorne said...

HA! You are so clever.... :)
I'd love to hear about your pressure cooker - I have one, but am not brave enough to use it. It scares me.

Leah said...

I have an electric one and it doesn't rattle and pop like the stove top ones do so it isn't so scary. I can't recomend one enough, and the one I purchased last year is online at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $99.99. Seriously, the busy moms best friend!


Keli said...

I was going to ask about your pressure cooker too! :) Thanks for the link!

Your menu sounds great. I love your idea for Sunday! Good Luck with all the cooking!

If you have time, stop by my blog to check out my meal plan and giveaway! I'm giving away a set of Easy Lunch Boxes.

Have a great week!