5 Things for this week

It has been a couple weeks since I made a 5 things list. I have been lazy, didn't feel like doing anything really. The Pine trees have been pollinating around here and that stuff makes me miserable!

So since I have been being a couch slug it's more like 5 things in 4 days as we will be in the woods for a long weekend.

1. Replant the lettuce - for some reason I simply cannot determine, it isn't coming up. And the seeds were new! Plant the Spinach.

2. Get all the laundry done before leaving town.

3. Go through the camping boxes and make sure we have everything we need plus take out stuff that we won't need this trip. Pack clothes for trip. It's going to be on the cool side so we will need coats.

4. Grocery shopping for camping trip.

5. Clean the house before leaving, I hate coming home to a messy house after being gone.

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