Yoke's Fresh Board 3/26 - 4/1

This week's Yoke's Fresh Board:

Seedless Green Grapes, $1.98/lb. product of Chili, normally $3.98/lb.

Ruby Pink Grapefruit, $1.00 each, product of USA

Pork Brisket Steaks, $2.49/lb - New product!

Wild Dover Sole Fillets, $4.49/lb. Normally $6.99/lb.

HOT!! Draper Valley Whole Chickens, .95 cent/lb, normally $1.59/lb.

Oven Roasted Turkey Breast, $3.99/lb. Normally $5.99/lb.

9" Bakery Fresh Cheese Cake, $5.99 each, normally $7.99 each.

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Kristine in WA said...

Great deal on the Draper Valley chickens! Thanks for taking the time to share the local stores.

Leah said...

Thank you for your encouragement :) I do most of my regular shopping at Yokes and Rosauers. I know I could be saving more money shopping at other stores, but I really like the Happy URM family stores that are locally owned and have found that day to day, for the items we use frequently, I am still saving just by not running all over town to get the bottom line price. Gas + time = money too :)