My 5 Things for this week

Allrighty, last week went fairly well even though I had to cram it all into the weekend.  Note to self:  Stop waiting until the weekend to get stuff done!

Here is last week's list:
Finish cleaning out the flower beds in the front yard, get the back yard garden spots prepared for planting.  Actually, the DH took care of the back yard.

Do a bunch of Freezer cooking. Made 4 batches of Taco filling, 2 Shepard's Pies, 2 Mashed Potato Casseroles, and 2 batches of Italian seasoned ground beef :)

Re-organize the Freezers. Found 5 Pork Shoulder Roasts, thought I only had 2...

Finish getting my clipped coupons organized in the binder.  Yeah right!  Like that is ever going to be a done deal!

Continue with the daily sweep/declutter routine.  This has been the easy one.  I am taking it off the 5 things list since it is something that gets done every day.

This week's list:

Transplant my surviving Tomato starts into larger pots and start hardening off.

Harden off and find a spot to plant the Snow Peas.

Dust the upstairs.

Change the bedding, wash and line dry (if weather permits)

Start going through the boy's clothes, get rid of the stuff that is too small.

I am linking this post to Saving for a Better Life's 5 Things Challenge.  Go check out what other's are doing to get their houses ready for Spring!


JoDee said...

Hey we tried the chicken cordon blue casserole last night it was great I will be making it again soon! You and I did the same thing yesterday reorganize the freezer and what is funny is that I found 6 pork roasts and thought I only had 3 lol.My DH built me another shelf yesterday so now I have to reorganize my stash :) then clear go through the kiddo's dresser!

You are so organized!

mom2priceboys said...

We did the boys' closet purge in jan trouble is now that summer is coming I have to go replenish their clothing. They wear men's sizes so no more days of $4 WM matching shsorts and shirts nope. each item is no less than $15. Shoes were last month.....oh yeah and my youngest is in desperate need of undies 4 pairs for $10. Thats more than I pay for mine ha ha ha

Leah said...

Im trying :) Things have gone all catty whompus since I went back to work, I still havent adjusted well to being gone 5 hours a day, which is why I have to make a list and post it. I seem to be more accountable when I think everyone else knows about it - LOL :)

Joelle said...

Ohh . . . I made the Chicken Cordon Blue dish tonight and it WAS good! I didn't have swiss cheese and just used Mozerella - super yummy. I bet it would be even better with the swiss! I love your dinner meals . . . I always steal an idea or two! Thanks!

Leah said...

The Cordon Blue is another fav around here too. I am thinking about making a couple pans of it up with the left over turkey and ham we will be having on Easter :)

Keli said...

This is a great idea and something I REALLY need to do!