Yokes Fresh Board 1/29 - 2/4

Jumbo Split Fryer (Chicken) Breast, .99 cent/lb. Generally, when it is worded this way, it means the rib bones are still attached.

Hass Avocados, $1.00 each

Easy Peel Shrimp, 51/60 ct,(the little guys) $3.29/lb.

Today only(1/29), Argonne store only!

Super lean ground beef, 93/7, $2.79/lb. Normally this is $3.79/lb so if your running low it might be worth your while to run over to the Argonne store.

It's a Fresh Friday too! Fresh Fridays are usually pretty fun, at least for the customers. If your in a Yokes today, take a moment to look at the floor as you go around. There are numbers on the floor and once an hour they pick a number and if your on it, you get a prize! With this being a Produce and Meat Fresh Friday, good chance that some of those prizes are going to be Meat!

Fresh Thrifty Pack Cut Up Fryers, .89 cents/lb. Stock up price!

Large Fancy Navel Oranges, .38 cents/lb. and Washington Apples, .58 cents/lb.

Fresh Express Premium Salads, $1.67 each.

Nestle Candy Bars, .29 cents each first 12!

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