Some numbers from the past year


Half of a year anyway. I didn't start keeping track of our grocery store spending and savings until May 2009 and lost track in November and December due to an ongoing health issue and 2 sugeries to resolve it during October and November.

I was not in any condition to do the most of the shopping or keep track of the spending for November and December so I only have numbers for May through October. I am sure I will do better this year :)This month, while we participate in the Eat from your pantry challenge, I am going to try out this neat Savings Tracker created by The Coupon Project.

Here are the numbers:

Total money spent for groceries from 5/1/09 through 10/31/09 = $1555.94

Total money saved from 5/1/09 through 10/31/09 = $2176.75

Of that, the total amount saved by shopping the weekly sales = $1545.36 and total amount saved by using coupons with those sales = $631.69

On average, I saved more then I spent during the months I kept track. I feel pretty good about that! I don't think that it really was much different in the months that I did not keep track because of the shopping habits that I have developed over many years anyway, I just can't prove it.

So, did you keep track of your spending vs. savings this year ? Please share how you did with us :)

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mom2priceboys said...

We only have $400 a month for groceries and when we run out of money - too bad - no money!! I would like to cut this down to $300a month. I think starting in Feb I will be able to reduce to $375 for 2 months then $350 for 2 month then $325 then, we'll see - lol I am hoping if I do it slowly and detail my lists and stock up wisely I will be able to afford my 2 1/2 month of summer with no work.