Hmmm...this might work at Walmart

Money Saving Mom found this coupon for $2.00 off of $5.00 Produce Purchase from the Giant Food Stores.

Giant Food Stores are popular super markets based in Pennsylvania, I did a bit of research to see if they had a parent corporation that possibly owned any of our local stores. Unfortunately, they are primarily east coast/mid west based and do not have any stores or affiliates on the west coast. But, I did see that Walmart is their primary competitor so here is what I am thinking.

Walmart accepts competitor coupons and will price match. I am not aware of any "local" restrictions to this policy, so in theory, Super Walmarts around the country should accept this coupon, right?

Doesn't hurt to print it out anyway... :)~

Thanks Money Saving Mom :)


mom2priceboys said...

What a great idea!! I am learning the coupon game so thank you for this tip.
Do all walmarts accept competitors coupons? or only the super ones with grocery stores?

Leah said...

I think all of them do, I used an Albertsons coupon at a Walmart that isn't "super" for the Fritos a couple weeks ago and didn't have any problems.

Can't hurt to ask :) I am going to try it next week if Yokes - a chain that is local to Eastern WA and Northern ID - won't take the coupon.