$30.00 a week - maybe...not?

Don't look at my dirty utility room. Normally, I take photos in the kitchen but all the heavy stuff had already been taken down to the pantry and it was just easier to take the other stuff down then to bring the heavy stuff up.

I had to do some shopping today, we were getting really low on things that we cannot live with out, and I realized after checking out the sale papers better that I was not going to be able to get all that I needed at the grocery store.

That created a problem: a few of the items we needed were not on sale at any of the grocery stores this week and/or I did not have any coupons for them. Solution: Costco. It's Saturday and I hate going to Costco on Saturdays. Sucked it up and went to Costco anyway.

At Costco we purchased:

1.25 Gallons of Canola Oil @ $7.99
#10 bottle of Ketchup @ $4.25
48 oz. Folgers Coffee @ $7.99
1000 feet of Tin Foil@ $20.99 (ouch!!)
3000 feet of Plastic Wrap @ $11.99

Tax = $2.87 for a total of $56.08.

This doesn't sync with the $30.00 per week budget, and I am not sure about counting paper products anyway, but I decided that I would because the Oil, Tin Foil and Plastic Wrap will actually last us for the rest of the year.

Here is how I am reconciling with spending that much money:

Based on 52 weeks,

The Oil works out to .14 cents per week
The Tin Foil works out to .40 cents per week
The Plastic Wrap works out to .23 cents per week.

Hopefully, the Coffee will last for 2 weeks but that might be pushing it. If it does, it works out to $4.00 per week.

And, if I'm really lucky, the Ketchup will last 6 weeks, and that is really really pushing it since in this house, it's not a condiment, it's a side dish. That makes it .71 cents per week.

So, from this particularly twisted perspective, we actually only spent $5.48 out of the weekly budget.

Moving on, Albertsons.

We did 2 transactions but I am going to put it all together just to make the math easier...for me...

2 packages of Yo-plus yogurt @ $1.49 each = $2.98
6 boxes of Rice-a-Roni @ $1.00 each = $6.00
4 cans of Cream of Mushroom soup @ .50 cents each = $2.00
2o lbs. of Potatoes (I was wrong about thinking I had purchased 10 lbs. at Winco last Saturday, it was actually only 5 lbs) @ .99 cents each = $1.98
Daisy Sour Cream @ $2.69
10 lbs. of Sugar @ $4.39

Subtotal = $20.04

$1.00/3 Rice-a-Roni x 2 (1/3 RP, exp. 4/30) = $2.00
$1.00/1 Yo-plus x 2(1/3 GM insert, exp. 2/27) = $2.00
.50 cents/1 Daisy Sour Cream (12/13 SS, exp. 1/31) = .50 cents
Albertsons Doublers x 5 = $4.50

Coupon subtotal = $9.00

Total for both orders = $11.04

Again, I am living with this because I know that we will not be eating up 20 lbs. of Potatoes in the next week. We will eat around 5 lbs., making the cost of the Potatoes this week .49 cents. The Potatoes will last for 4 weeks.

We certainly won't be eating 6 boxes of Rice-a-Roni this week, probably not even once a week, so they have the potential of last 6 weeks or longer, making them .32 cents per week after the coupons and doubler. Maybe not even that considering we actually got an overage of $1.02 on the yogurt, that pays for 3 boxes right there. So, its more like we paid .16 cents per week.

The soup will last at least 4 weeks, making it .50 cents per week.

The sugar should last 4 months, making it .27 cents per week.

Since we were paid to grab the yogurt, I am not going to count that in this week's budget.

The Sour cream will probably be used up this week, but after coupons and with doubler, it was $1.69.

Looking at it this way, we spent $3.11 at Albertsons from this week's budget.

And, I guess if you look at it this way, we only spent $8.59 of this week's budget. Right?

I know, I am really really reaching hard here to justify spending over $70.00...


Anonymous said...
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mom2priceboys said...

Well, you got the things at the store that I didn't potatoes & rice-a-roni. WE also used the $1 off coupon for the yogurts.I did notice that alot of the coupons from last weeks paper are not available at my stores.
I had a challenging time at the store today, they were full and DH was on my heels, of course, in his usual hurry to get nowhere.

Thomas Paine said...

You have been watching "Numbers" too much...all that juggling of the fuzzy math. LOL