How to clean a Dungeness Crab in 6 easy steps

This guy was the largest Dungeness Crab I have personally ever seen outside of Pike Street in Seattle. And, he was delicious!

Some of the following images may be disturbing to Spongebob fans.
Step 1:

Grasp the crab firmly facing toward you.

Step 2: Pull the shell off.

Discard the shell.

Step 3: Remove the lungs (the white, rather feathery looking things) and the rest of the inards.

Step 4: Grab the front part of the bottom shell and break it off. Turn the crab over.

Step 5: There will be an elongated triangle on the belly, called the "Pecker", grab it and pull if off.


Step 6: Tada!! All that is left to do is rinse any remaining inards under cool water, tear off the legs, break up the body and eat. We usually reheat them by steaming but you don't have too. By law, crab must be sold alive (and I have yet to see that in the store), or pre-cooked prior to shipping.


Couponaholic said...

Yummy Leah, I love crab!

Michele said...

We are huge Sponge Bob fans! Ok, not so much me but Sydnie.

Nice demonstration on cleaning of the crab but I'll leave that one up to the store. yuck!

Leah said...

Colby was very distressed about what was happening to Mr. Crabs, which is why I figured I better warn people ;( But, he was especially tasty :)