Coupon Organization - cheap Zipper Binders at the Spokane Discount

If you have been considering going to the Binder Method for organizing your coupons, then you might want to stop by the Spokane Discount store on N. Division. I was in there today and picked up a new 3 ring zipper Binder with a handle for $4.99. Since these usually run $10.00 or higher, I decided to grab one.

As you can see, it comes with section dividers and the one I grabbed also has a calender in it (which will be applied to some other task, possibly a chore calender as we seem to be having "issues" with getting house work done lately), as well as several zippered pockets both inside and out of the binder for your scissors, pens, notepads, calculators....etc.

And, it also has a section for filing things in, like your Store coupon policies, extra coupon inserts that you haven't gotten around to cutting out yet...what every else you like to keep handy when your carting around your coupons.

I went to the Binder method several months ago, and love it! But, it seems like as my storage space for coupons increased, so did the amount of coupons I was finding and carrying around with me. I'm at the point of actually needing 2 Binders now, 1 for food and grocery, the other for Health and Beauty, pet and paper....which makes me wonder....might I have too many coupons?

Naw!! That's just crazy talk!


Summer said...

Great deal! I love my coupon binder, but am so bad about keeping it organized lately. I tend to clip my coupons, then throw them all in the pencil pouch until I can get to them. I think I'll be sitting down tonight while watching my shows and get it all organized and up to date.

Leah said...

LOL, atleast you got yours clipped :) I have managed to find other things to do besides sitting down and clipping mine.

I was pretty horrified with myself a couple weeks ago, I found an envie full of coupons I clipped but forgot to file,( lost them in the mail pile...going back to my housework issue right now) cannot even imagine how much money I spent because I forgot about those coupons.

lostsanity said...

lol I was sitting there wondering last night just how much my binder could handle. And I was wondering if there was any bigger binders out there. I currently have a 3" binder :p

I hate trying to keep it all organized! I am so behind but I have noticed that I've bought several products that I did have coupons for - grrr.