Pillsbury prices at Fred Meyer & e-coupon info

October 7, 2009

Here is a list of prices for the Pillsbury products that qualify for the OYNO. I got this list from the Fred Meyer on Francis Ave. Im hearing that the OYNO promo is also working at Safeway and Albertsons, but I haven't tried it in those stores so I can't say for sure.

Pillsbury Sweet Rolls = $2.07

Grands! (refridgerated) = $2.49

Cinnamon Rolls = 3 for $5.00

Pizza Crust = $3.29

Pie Crust = $3.79 (ouchie)

FM on Francis discontinued carrying the bread sticks.

Save $1/2 Shortcuts Italian Breads, including loafs, pizza crust, breadsticks and dinner rolls (Im thinking this might include the crescent rolls, because I can't find another e-coupon on shortcuts that is specifically for the crescents - if I am mistaken will someone please let me know)

Save $1/2 Cellfire crescent rolls, Italian breads, Grands! and cookies.

Fred Meyer is starting to get weirded out over the e-coupons :( A couple days ago, I noticed that my e-coupon for the Cottonelle toilet paper messed up the store coupon in that the SC was adjusted to .75 cents instead of taking the full $1.00 off for one of the packages. I told Crystal at Frugal Chic Living about it, she went and tried it and the same thing happened to her! She scanned her receipt and put it up on her post so you can see for yourself what happened. Long story short, there is no additional savings when using e-coupons with store coupons!

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Michele @ HAPPY2BFRUGAL.COM said...


It did the same thing for me. It only took .75 off for the store coupon on the Cottonelle TP. Oh well can't complain about .25