How I got Free Dentyne Gum

October 11, 2009

Since I received a couple emails inquiring about how I got the Dentyne Gum for free I thought I would post a bit more of about what I did.  I had never tried this before either, it never occured to me to use a Buy one Get one Free coupon with a Buy one Get one Free Promotion for 2 free items.  I always looked at it like I could get 3 items for the price of one. 

Then a few days ago, I was looking at Happy2Bfrugal's Safeway Match-ups and something caught my attention, she mentioned using the B1G1 coupon for the John Morrell Sandwich meat to get free Sandwich meat.  Interesting....I didn't get it.

So, after that, I was reading Confessions of a couponaholic's post and she mentioned the same thing but it still was not even registering with me how it worked.

Finally, I was checking out Cloud 9 Couponing  and again, the topic was using B1G1 Free with B1G1 Promotions and I finally clued in!

Here is what I did yesterday, now, this worked for me but I can not say for sure that it will work for you.  I just wanted to put that in because, as we all know, different stores and different cashiers sometimes have different ideas then we do about what you can and cannot use coupons for.  In theory, there should be no problems, Safeway does accept B1G1 Free MFRs and they also accept MFRs with Store coupons so in this scenerio there should not be any issues especially since this is a Club Card Promotion and doesn't even require a store coupon.

So, yesterday I was at the Safeway on Francis and Monroe in N. Spokane, and they are doing the Dentyne B1G1 Free promo with the club card.

I had several B1G1 Free MFRs that were and still are available in the Smart Source Blinkie Machines. 

I picked out 24 packages of Gum and went to the check-out.  I asked the cashier to ring them up so I could get a total before I gave him my coupons and also, before I swiped my club card.  The total was $33.36.

I then handed him 12 of the B1G1 free coupons.  When he scanned them, the computer took off the $1.39 instead of the $1.29 that I was expecting as that is the amount stated on it.  I did feel kind of bad about this, he had to write the amount on each coupon as he scanned it but interestingly enough, he didn't have to enter the amount into the computer, it just automatically took off the $1.39 (system glitch?)  I don't know....That took $16.68 off the total, for a Subtotal of $16.68.  I swiped my Club card and it voided out 12 of the gum entries on my receipt, effectively removing the remaining $16.68 from the grand Total. 

Walla!  Free Gum.  It actually suprised me, I was prepared to pay .10 cents for every 2 packages so when the coupons scanned at the shelf price I was a bit alarmed.  I even tried to point out to the cashier that the coupon value was $1.29 but he just shook his head and said that it was ok.   

Thats how I got free Gum :)

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