Finally! My blog is right!

A huge Shout-Out to Casey at Hot Bliggity Blog for coming to my rescue and my blog's rescue and helping me to get it properly up and running and readable!  Over the last several months I had been trying, but since I do not know anything about HTML  I had made a huge mess.  Casey was able to fix it - despite the many many I-D-10-T mistakes I had made.

 I highly recommend Hot Bliggity Blog to anyone who is having problems with their own blogs and websites, or considering having a website created. 

Their rates are extremely affordable, the work is lightning fast and professional,  and the customer service is above and beyond!

Thank You Hot Bliggity Blog!! 


Frugal Chic Living said...

Leah - it looks great! I starting working on a makeover for my blog quite a while ago. It *should* be ready in a week or so. I'm getting so excited! Once they are done with their magic, I'll be sure to add your new (and very cute) button!

Leah said...

Thank You Crystal :) I can't wait to see your new blog!