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September 29, 2009

There really are so many deals with RRs going on this week at Walgreens its almost impossible not to make a little money shopping there. I didn't do a big trip, but I saved alot and made over $6.00!

Here is the breakdown, it was actually done in 4 different transactions. The reason for this is that the cashier (who was really great and was cracking me up too) told me something I did not know before. She saw my RRs from last week and told me to:

  1. Let her scan the RRs first before the coupons so they system would accept more then one - don't know if that is the way it has always been or if there was some kind of system glitch today...and
  2. The Halls cough drops would only produce 1 RR per transaction, so if I wanted RRs for all of them I needed to do pay for them separately. I didn't know that, so I was glad she told me. She also said the same thing about the Gillette RR and advised I do separate transactions for those as well, but I was able to do 1 Gillette and 1 Halls on the a single transaction and still got both the RRs.

Ok, heres what I got:

2 Gillette MVP Razors @ $8.99 each = $17.98

6 Halls Refresh @ $1.00 each = $6.00

6 Butter Ball Chicken Broth @ .79 cents each = $4.74

3 Hunts Tomato Sauce @ .99 cents each = $2.97

Subtotal = $31.69 + $2.10 tax = $33.97


$4.00 x 2 Gillette Razor MFR = $8.00

$1.00 x 2 Halls Refresh MFR = $2.00

$1.00/2 Halls (any) MFR = $2.00

RRs from last week = $9.50

Wags in-ad coupons for the tomato sauce and broth = $2.94

Total MFR coupons, store coupons and RRs = $24.44

Total cash spent = $9.53

And I got back $16.00 in RRs! Thats like being paid about $7.00 to shop there :) I love it when that happens!

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Michele @ HAPPY2BFRUGAL.COM said...

I went again too. I just couldn't stop myself. There are way too many free things this week. I also got three night time Theraflu for $12 used the Walgreens Theraflu coupon ($6 off) then got back an $8 catalina. Free Night time Theraflu. Yeah!