Target and Fred Meyer Match-ups 9/20 - 9/26

September 20, 2009

Wow! The ACD must have been up all night finding the killer coupon match-ups for Fred Meyer and Target!

They got all the good Target match-ups HERE.

The Fred Meyer Match-ups are HERE.

And there is a very nice list of current Walgreen monthly RR deals HERE.

I must caution you though, you might experience a bit of a shock when you see what our Alaskan friends are forced to pay for things, I know I certainly did. They are charged anywhere from .50 cents to $3.00 more for the same sale items so be sure to double check your Sunday ads to for the prices in your area.

Thanks for all your hard work, Nichole and Kara!


Kara said...

Thank you for your lovely write up! :-) (Kara from Alaska Coupon Diva).

Leah said...

You are Welcome. You and Nichole are doing a great service for your readers and your coupon match-ups are solid, it deserves Kudos :)