Home Sweet Home

September 12, 2009
(Sunrise over Lake Leo)
It is sooo good to be home again after 4 days and 3 nights in the woods at Lake Leo . Not to say that it isn't lovely to get away but after a few days without a shower it is really really nice to come home. We had a great time though. Lake Leo is a small campground, it has 8 camp sites all together and one of the nicer things about it is that it has drinkable water so you dont have to be Gunga Din and pack all your water in and during the season there is garbage collection too. My husband was up early and took the photo above. It did get really cold at night and in the morning but other then that the weather was very pleasant, just warm enough to be comfortable but cool enough to keep the bugs at bay. And, we stayed for FREE. The website said it was $8.00/night in the off season, but after Labor Day this year they stopped garbage collection and taped over the pay slot.

The wildlife is pretty mellow, we didn't see any sign of Bears or Big Foot. Just some Ducks that loved Colby (and his bag of bread). They came around in the morning and evening and literally would chase Colby around, it was hilarious.

The other wildlife we encountered were the little chipmonks. Rather bold little things, they would steal food right off the table! This one grabbed a piece of pizza and took off with it. Seriously, they would get so close to you I was worried about them running up my pant leg.

Fishing was a success! Royce caught 4 Pan Fish and 2 nice Rainbow Trout to keep. He also caught at Bull Trout but didn't know what it was so he threw it back. We are pretty well stocked on Trout this year. He, Colby and my dad caught several when we were up at Lake Ellen and he has been bringing them home every so often from his own little fishing forays.

But, all in all, Im glad to be home, in my nice comfy bed and private shower. There are a ton of camp sites along Highway 20 so next summer we are going to try to camp at all of them (and blog about it, of course :)

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Them is nice fish!