Cheap is good...

September 16, 2009Yesterday, my neighbor gave me a huge bowl full of ripe cherry tomatoes so Royce and I decided to make some Salsa and we needed some Cilantro and tortilla chips. Since I had the $5.00 Grocery Outlet Bargain Market coupon nagging on me to already get spent I decided to run over there and see if they had what we needed. And they did! Sometimes you get lucky there. The place is similiar to Cosco in that some products are only carried for a short time and when they are gone they are gone.

I got:
2 cans of Black Beans @ .59 cents each = $1.18
2 cans of sliced olives @ .79 cents each = $1.58
2 bunches of Cilantro = .33 cents
1 bag of Tortilla Chips = .99 cents
1 personal seedless Watermelon = .99 cents

Total = $5.07

So I gave the cashier my $5.00 off coupon, 2 pennies and a nickel and walked out to my car, where I found a penny in the parking lot so I picked it up. I figure, .06 cents for all this stuff ain't bad :)

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