Sweet meat deal at Yokes

August 6, 2009

This scenerio assumes that you still have a couple Albertsons Doublers from Sunday to play with.

Yokes has 81% Lean ground beef on sale this week for $1.59 per pound, and Tennesse Pride Sausage 1 lb. rolls on sale for $1.99 each.

Go grab the smallest package of hamburger you can find (to get the $1.59/lb price, you will have to buy a family pack, and they average 3 lbs per package).

Use the $1.00 of Tennessee Pride Sausage when you buy fresh beef MFR exp. 8/31. Now, here's the sweet part, the coupon doesn't state how many or few packages of fresh beef you have to buy, so if you have more then one of the Tennessee Pride coupons you can in theory use all of them with just one package of ground beef. (I say in theory because I purchased 4 packages of hamburger but only had 2 Tennessee Pride coupons.)

Toss your Albies doublers on those $1.00 off coupons and TaDa! Free Sausage!

Sweet, no?

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