Frugal yard sale finds

August 9, 2009

I have been learning how to home can food but the truth is getting started in it is rather expensive. Once you have the supplies you need, you can re-use most of them, but getting them in the first place is spendy. Royce got a rare Friday off this last week so we decided to go some Yard-Sale shopping. I haven't done that for a few years, every since I decided that I had to have a yard sale before I could go shopping at one. (Ok, I cheated a couple times) We lucked out and found an estate sale where I was able to purchase 15 Quart canning jars for just $2.00, and at another yard sale I picked up 6 more for $1.50. Walmart wants $17.98 for just 12, so for 21 quart jars for $3.50 was a no brainer. And, they are the wide mouth jars too which tend to be a bit more expensive. I will still need to buy lids and a few more rings but Im very happy that I was able to find these.

We also found a sale that had some boy's clothes that were in excellent shape. Anyone who has little boys knows that its almost impossible to find used clothing for them that is decent. Colby got 2 pull-over hoodies, a zipper hoody, and pair of Osh-gosh jeans and a pair or thermal underwear for $3.00!!

I love yard sales!

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