The Franz/Snyder Bread Outlet rocks!

July 24, 2009

I want to say Thank You to the Anonymous person who left a comment on THIS POST yesterday. The commentor provided the addresses for several other Franz/Snyder bread outlets here in town, so if you live in the Valley, Northeast side or on the Eastside you dont have to drive all the way to N. Monroe to save on your bread, man.

There was also a heads up about a promo Franz/Snyder and since I was planning on going down there today I chatted up the gals about it. Here's the deal, you put your name and phone number on one of the forms, give them to a friend, who then takes it to the store (assumably, to buy some bread). Your friend will get 50% off their purchase, up to $5.00 and your name will be entered into a drawing for $50.00 Franz Bucks, which Im guessing will be something like a store gift card. Still, have you got any idea how much bread you can buy at these stores for $50.00? Check out what I picked up today for just $1.78!

Honestly, just the loaf of whole grain white bread would cost anywhere between $1.00 - $1.50 more at the grocery store then what I spent on both of those. So, if your still buying your bread at the grocery store, you are spending wayyy tooo much !!

They are also doing a Customer Appreciation Promotion right now too. Here's how it breaks down:

Spend $10.00 to $14.99 get 1 free item.

Spend $15.00 to $19.99 get 2 free items.

Spend $20.00 or more get 3 free items.

Manager's choice, 1 purchase per day.

2 more other things of note, Wednesdays are Senior Day, 55 and over get an additional 10% off, and on Saturday the Cyrus O'leary's pies, normally priced $4.99 (a steal) are $4.39.

I also knocked over the Shadle Walmart today. I had to pick up a few things I needed for next week when my sister comes to visit. We are going to be pickling and canning the beets from the garden so since I was there I treated myself to a mini free-spree.

I did say it was mini, right? I got:

1 can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli, Walmart price .88 cents. I used a $1.00 off 1 PRINTABLE which put me up by .12 cents.

2 pouches of Tide Laundry Detergent, from the trial size bins, Walmart Price .97 cents. I used a $1.00 off Any from the P & G insert we got a couple weeks ago, which put me up another .06 cents.

1 Travel size Tylenol extra strengh, Walmart price $1.97, I used a $2.00 MFR (I dont recall which SS Insert it came from) and that put me up another .03 cents.

So, I actually made .21 cents buying that stuff. Atleast it covered the tax for those items. The canning stuff was expensive, I needed all the help I could get. I dont normally encourage people to go for overages, but since it is Walmart's policy (according to 1 manager I talked to at the Northpoint Walmart) to simply apply those overages to the remaining order I dont see why anyone shouldn't go for it when the authorized opportunity presents itself.

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