Weekly Shopping tally

First off, check out my new "Calling Card". I got 250 for just the shipping at Vista Print. If you find one around town, let me know!

Ok, Weekly Shopping breakdown for 6/8 - 6/13

I spent:

$3.67 at Albertsons
$9.95 at Yokes
$8.94 at Rainbow

Total Spent: $22.56

I saved:

$41.79 at Albertsons
.30 cents at Yokes
$10.10 at Rainbow

Total Saved: $52.19

That was just for groceries, I also shopped at Walgreens this week but most of the stuff I bought there were cleaning products. At Walgreens I spent $20.36 but I saved $41.76. Over twice as much as what I spent.

Even if I count the Walgreens, Im still under the $50 'guideline" this week.

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