Weekly Shopping Diary 5/31-6/6

This week I spent on groceries:

$1.98 at Rainbow Grocery Outlet
$6.50 at Walmart
$4.34 at Albertsons
$10.03 At Safeway
$7.43 at Rosauers
$20.38 at Yokes

Total Spent: $50.66

I Saved(combined store savings and MFRs):

$2.10 at Rainbow
$10.34 at Walmart
$18.93 at Albertson
$16.07 at Safeway
$8.10 at Rosauers
$41.43 at Yokes

Total Savings: $78.10

Not to bad really. My husband just informed me that he "forgot" to tell me that he had brought home 2 Corned Beef roasts that they had marked down so that adds, at my best guess since I dont have the reciept, about $5.00 to the total spent.

Still not bad. Im thinking I can probably take a week or 2 off from shopping as the freezer is pretty stuffed and we got a summers worth of cereal, coffee, canned and boxed food. I plan on doing some freezer cooking and get a supply of easy to heat and eat dinners on hand for the summer.

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Anonymous said...

"...easy to heat and eat dinners..."like DIY TV dinners?