One of Walgreens sale items this week are the New Purex 3-in-1 Laundry Sheets. Pretty Nifty new product, it has the detergent, softener and anti-static all on one sheet. You put it in the washer and transfer it with the clothes to the Dryer. Its high effeciency too, which is nice for those of us who have HE washers.

Walgreens has them on Sale for $5.99

There are $1.00/off 1 coupons here. Its a bricks so you can print 2.

Buy this product and get a $2.00 Register Reward.

So, here is what I did.

I bought 2, total = $11.98

- $1.00 off coupons x 2 = $9.98

- $2.00 RRs from last week x 2 = $5.98/2 = $2.99 each

Plus, I got 2 more $2.00 RRs so if you factor that in its like I paid .99 cents for each.

I was thinking that this is something my mom is going to like, she works for OOIDA traveling around all summer in their Show Truck and spends alot of time a truck stops. Some of the nicer ones have Laundromats available for the truckers and this product is going to eliminate the need to carry around a big jug of detergent and box of dryer sheets.
So, pass it on Ma!

Another deal I saw at the Walgreens on NW BLVD was buy 4 Fig Newtons for $5.00, get a $3.00 RR. Its not an advertised RR so I dont know if its just that Walgreens or if all of them are doing it. If you got some coupons for Fig Newtons this could be a potential money maker!! I dont have any coupons :(
Oh Well

*update: The NW BLVD store appears to be the only one doing the Fig Newton RR. I was at the Walgreens on Newport Hwy and they dont even stock the full size packages. Nice store though, alot of products that you dont see in some of the others.

At the Newport Hwy store I picked up:

4 bottles of Glade Fabric and Air Freshner for $2.99 each (sale price) total $11.96

1 Glade Oil Plugin refill 2 pk. $2.99

1 Glade oil Plug in Fan $3.79

Total $18.74


Glade Fabric and Airfreshner B1G1 Free coupons from the 5/17 paper (I think) x 2 = $5.98

A peelie I found at the store, buy 1 Glade Plugin Refill, get the Warmer free = $3.79

$2.00 RR x 2 = $4.00

Total Coupons = $13.77

Total Spent = $6.64 (including $1.67 for tax)

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