New method for organizing my coupons

Over the years, I have used several different devices to manage my coupons, most recently I had been using these little accordian folders that I purchased from the Dollar Tree. As I started to collect more coupons, I had to separate the Food coupons from the Non-Food coupons and was carrying around 2 of these little folders. I suppose that if you dont have alot of coupons these work just fine, but for me they were not working out well. I was having a hard time finding coupons that I knew I had and then at one point I almost dropped one and that would have been an embarrassing mess.
So, I started doing some research on what is called "The Binder Method". I read about it on several other blogs and decided...well...it couldnt be any worse then what I had going on already. The Binder Method involves using the following items:

A 3 ring Binder with a zipper.

Sheets of Baseball card holders.

I had read on one of blogs that was showcasing this method that the author advised going to Target or Walmart to purchase the Binder ((about $10) and Sheets (about $5.) I was planning on going to Walmart anyway, but decided to stop by the Northwest Christian Thrift Center as I had purchased 3 ring binders there before considerably cheaper then buying them brand new.
I found this one for $2.99. It was exactly what I was hoping for, it has a working zipper, a pocket on the front for holding my shopping trip coupons, another area for a pen, scissors, a few of my business cards and a calculator and couple more pockets for misc. things like paper clips and tape. I picked up 3 packages of 9 pocket pages from Walmart for $5.77 each. (Pricy boogers).

I then started to migrate my coupons from their little folders into the binder by catagory. I used the same order that I had in the folders with a few changes, like I moved the canned food coupons into the same section as the frozen food coupons as well and the box meal coupons. Some blogs had advised arranging the pages in the same order as your favorite grocery store, but I shop at alot of different stores and was already used to how the coupons were catagorized in the folders, so I just stuck with that.

Some of the coupons had to be folded in order to fit into the little pocket, which I wasnt so sure about doing because 1. Im a little worried about them not scanning because of a crease and 2. I wanted to be able to see the expiration date on the coupon. Toward the end, I figured out that I could arrange the coupons so that the ones that expire soonest are at the top of the page and also, to write in the corner of the ones that I folded what the expiration date was (M/D). I was almost done by the time I figured this out so most of the food is not organized that way but as I remove the expired coupons and add new ones I will take care of it.

End result, for $20.30 I have a new Coupon Binder! At any given time, I can flip a page and see exactly what coupons I have, and which ones I need to throw out. Bonus, this binder also has an accordion section that I can put the Sale papers in or coupons that I havent yet clipped or store coupon policies that I like to carry around sometimes.

So, I took it to the store the first time yesterday (see previous post) and was showing it off to my cashier and that was what got my doubler messed up. I think she was surprised to see it. It took me about 7 hours over 2 days to migrate all my coupons from my old little folders into this binder. It was also kind of weird carrying it into the store the first time, I felt a bit self conscience about it. I figure I will get over that soon enough, for years I carried around a pink rubbermaid box that made my daughter want to die with embarrassment (Im sure this will too). Oh well.


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