Great shopping day!

This morning I wasnt so sure how today was going to go, Colby was in full on melt down and not cooperating with me while I was trying to get him ready for school and it just seemed like today was going to be a rough one.

But then, I called over to Yokes to ask my husband a question and he says to me " Are you planning on coming to the store to shop today?"

I say " I dont know, why?"

He says, " There are 2 new cashiers starting today and they want you to bring in your coupons so they can train the cashiers."

I say, " You mean they want me to bring in ALL my coupons?"

He says " Yes, are you coming in today?"

First and foremost, I have never had any problem using other stores coupons at Yokes.

So, I spent about an hour matching up some of this week's ad items and the monthly ad items to Manufacturers coupons and then threw an Albertson's doubler on it as well. I had 7 items all together. First of the month sales are kinda boring.

I got:

4 boxes of Diet 7-Up (12 ct)
Yokes ad price: $2.99 = $11.96
- $1.00 MFR x 4 = $4.00 = $7.96
- Albies doublers at $1.00 x 4 = $3.96
divide by 4 = .99 cents per box.

Organic Valley Milk
Yokes ad price $3.49
- $1.00 MFR = $2.49
- Albies doubler at $1.00 = $1.49

Kens Salad Dressing
Yokes Monthly ad price 2/$5 ($2.50 each, I got 1)
- $1.00 MFR = $1.50
- $1.00 Albies doubler at $1.00 = .50 cents per bottle.

Snyder's Pretzels
Yokes Monthly ad price 3/$5.00 ($1.67 each, I got 2 = $3.34)
- $1.00/2 MFR = $2.34
- Albies doubler at $1.00 = $1.34
divided by 2 = .67 cents each

Total spent: $7.29!! For 7 items! The 7-up alone usually cost more then that for just 1!

So, I was already pretty flattered that they had asked me to come in today but as we were going through the check out (which took some time, not only because I had the coupons but the training process as well), I looked around and realized that there were 4 maybe 5 other people just standing around the check out stand watching. The store manager came over because of the crowd, saw me, kinda chuckled and says "Oh, we're doing some training here."

And when it was totalled one of the new cashiers said "Wow, thats great, where do you get all your coupons?"

As you all know, the paper, the internet, tearpads.....

It was really cool because I had been at Albertson's before that and the cashier there complimented me on my coupon usage as well.

Plus, Colby got to use a coupon today too. I gave him one of the free M&M coupons I had, let him pick out what he wanted, and then he went through the check out and paid for his treat with his coupon (it was cute). And it kept him from becoming the check out melt down monster :)

As I said, I had been to Albertsons earlier and picked up 2 bags of Seattle's Best Coffee and a jar of Miracle Whip for $3.34

I was also at Rosauers and picked up 7 boxes of cereal for $7.43

I spent a total of $18.06 for everything. And I wont have to buy cereal or pop or coffee for a long, long time.
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Anonymous said...

So now are you going to start a Cashier-Coupon-Checkout-Trainer-Consulting firm? How about...TCB Shopping and Cashier Training Consultants and Associates LLC?