Ginger and me had a little free spree today :)

My daughter and I went on a little free spree today, just for fun, to see what/if we could get some things for free with coupons. I think we did alright.

At Rosauers we got:

4 boxes of Jollytime Microwave pop corn on sale for $1.49 per box
less our $1.50 off 1 x 4 = .04 cents profit.

At Walmart we got:

7 Evercare mini lint rollers for .79 cents each = $5.53
less our $1.00 off any x 7 = $1.47 profit

At Target we got:

5 Hersheys Bliss candy Bars at .99 cents each = $4.95
less our Target store $1.00 off any x 5 (which was adjusted to .99 cents) total = $0.00
4 Crystal Light 3 packs at .99 cents each = $3.96
Less our $1.00 off 1 coupons = .04 cents profit
2 Arm and Hammer Travel size Toothpaste at .79 cents each = 1.58
Less our $1.00 MFR off( I think it was the 5/31 insert) any x 2 = .42 cents profit.
1 Tylenol trial size at .97 cents
Less our $1.00 off any = .03 cents profit.
I dont think that this particular coupon is still available.
2 Kraft Mayonnaise, on sale for $1.99 each = $3.89
Less our $1.00 off x 2 = $1.98
Less our $1.00 off Target Store coupons (adjusted to .99 cents) = $0.00
We also got 1 Edge Men's shaving gel for .24 cents by combining the Target Coupon and a $1.00 MFR my mom sent me. But considering we had at .49 cent overage it still was basically free.

We also went into Walgreens to do the Ecotrin deal, but we unfortunately encountered the Coupon Nazi Manager. She would not take the $2.25 coupon because it was over what the sale price of the Ecotrin was. I asked if she would adjust the price of the Ecotrin and get this she said that it was a violation for them to raise retail prices....I'm thinking WHAT, stores raise their prices every day, not to mention I had already used one of the coupons at a different Walgreens and got the full $2.25 off...anyway, I found these $2/off Any Ecotrin from Iheartwags so I will get my free aspirin and get paid for buying them too with the $2.00 RR. So there, Coupon Nazi Manager!

We purchased other things too so our profits went toward those items. It was a fun day, even Ginger said so. When she was little, I used to carry coupons around in a pink rubbermaid box and she was sooo embarrassed. Im using some accordion style folders I got at the Dollar tree now but Im thinking I might have to migrate to the Binder Method as these little folders are about to explode with all my coupons and are getting a bit cumbersome to carry around and look through.

New sales tomorrow! I will do Yokes and Rosauers match ups tomorrow or Thursday.
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