$2.00 OOP

Yup, $2.00!

A sweet, dear lady named Jody tipped me off about some .50 cents coupons on a tear pad for the Kraft Cheese at the Indian Trail Albertsons, she got 5 bags of cheese for $1.50! I had 2 of the $1/2 from the Kraft promotion and with the .50 cent off tearpad coupon I was able to get 5 bags for $2.00, not-bad-not-bad at all for 2 and half pounds of Cheese.

And since I still had 3 doublers left I decided to go ahead and get 2 boxes of Ritz, 1 box of Wheat Thins, and 1 more Digiorno Flat Bread melt (back up lunches for my husband when I forget to make him one) and that order totalled zippo!

Thanks to my next door neighbor Mary for giving me her Albertson's doublers and Sunday Insert Coupons, it was because of her that I had the extra doublers to do these last 2 deals with, and Thanks to Jody for letting me know about the tear pad coupons. Congrats on your new job too! It sounds like a Coupon Queen's dream Job!
Thank You

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