Week 1, how did I do?

I did not achieve my $50.00 goal this week :(

Here's the break-down:

2.58 at Walmart
18.28 at Yokes
1.99 at Albertsons
36.42 at Safeway

Total: $59.86

Sooo close...

But, I did save significantly :)
6.00 at Walmart
27.73 at Safeway
3.40 at Yokes

Total savings = $36.63

Plus, I have 1 $10 Catalina from the Safeway Living Well Promotion that expires 5/16 to put toward next week.

The Best Finds:

Kraft Salad Dressing at Walmart was .08 after coupon

Sierra Mist 2 liter bottles at Safeway, purchased 4 at .99 cents each, used the B1G1 coupon from the internet (wish those were still around!), it deducted $1.69 for each coupon so I got 4 bottles of pop for .58 cents, making them .14 cents each.

1 bag of Quaker rice snacks at Safeway, Free after coupon! Thanks http://www.frugalchicliving.blogspot.com/ for pointing this one out :)

6 Boxes of Rice a Roni at Safeway for $4.00, .66 cents each.

4 packages of Mission Tortillas at Yokes, They accept grocery competitor's coupons so I used the Albertson's coupon for .97 cents each, with my 2 Internet coupons for $1 off 1 package making each package .47 cents each. I realize I could have probably gotten 2 free packages but when I thought about it more I decided that .47 was still a great deal considering we eat Tortillas on a regular basis and they do freeze well. Unfortunately, those coupons are no longer available either :( There is something wrong with the Mission Foods website.

And, a good deal of the stuff I bought at Safeway were actually stock up items so I wont have to pay full price for them when I need them for quite some time. Plus, I have a refund for $2.29 to send in too.

So, all in all, for my first attempt at this I guess I didn't do to terribly bad :)


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