Sure is getting hot

I had planned on working in my yard this morning but its already hot outside! It is suppose to be close to 90 degrees today. I know that my Texas visitor's are probably laughing but you got to remember, we still had frost not even 3 weeks ago so going from freezing to 90 in such a short period is rather hard to assimilate too. Shout out to my 4th step-cousin twice removed (I think) down there in Lubbock, TX! I appreciate you stopping by :)

Im not even going to talk about my weekly shopping this week cuz we blew it bigtime. The hamburger on Monday and then yesterday my husband brought home a case of chickens that he picked up cheap. Luckily I was able to get my neighbor across the street to go in on it so that helped but we still went over the $50.00 "guide line" by about $40.00. Good news is, we wont have to buy ground beef or chicken for a LONG, LONG time....

Earlier this week I went into the Rainbow Grocery Outlet, sometimes you can find really good deals there even though they do not accept coupons. I had a little time to kill and a notepad so I decided to write down some prices of random things in store and then compare it to Safeway since I had to there to get Milk anyway. Yes, I could have purchased Milk at the Grocery Outlet, but we recently switched to Organic Milk and Safeway actually had it on sale. Here is a list of different things around the store.

Folgers coffee, 41.8 oz.
Grocery Outlet Price = $6.99
Safeway Price = $8.99 for 33 oz. (the largest they had)

Jif Peanut Butter, 18 oz.
Grocery Outlet price = $1.99
Safeway Price = $3.45

Lia Maria Shredded Parmasan or Asiago Cheese, 5 oz.
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.99
Buttoni Shredded Ramano, 5 oz.
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.79
Safeway didnt have the same brands, but had:
Deli Creation Shredded Ramano, 6 oz., $4.49
DiGiorno, 6 oz. $5.79
Stella, 5 oz., $4.49

River Ranch Bag salad, 1 lb.
Grocery Outlet Price = .99 cents
Safeway had Fresh Express Bag Salad, 1 lb at $1.99

Pop-Eye Bagged Spinach 10 oz.
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.99
Safeway had Fresh Express Bagged Spinach, 6 oz. at $3.49

Fresh Artichokes
Grocery Outlet Price = 2/$1.00 (they did look a bit rough though)
Safeway Price = 2/$4.00 (they didn't look much better)

Avina Fresh whole Crimini Mushrooms, 8 oz.
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.99
Safeway Price = $2.99

Whole Fresh Pineapple
Grocery Outlet Price = 2/$3.00
Safeway Price = $2.99 each

Fresh Mangos
Grocery Outlet Price = 2/$1.00
Safeway Price = $1.50 each

Fresh Garlic
Grocery Outlet Price = 5/.99 cents
Safeway Price = 2/$1.00

Fresh Ginger Root, 1 lb.
Grocery Outlet Price = .99 cents
Safeway Price = $3.99

Kids Cuisine Chicken Tender Meal
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.29
Safeway Price = $2.49, unless you bought 5, then $1.99

Assorted Sarah Lee Bakery Products

Whole Grain White Bread
Grocery Outlet Price = .99 cents
Safeway Price = $3.39
Bagels, 13 ct. (mini)
Grocery Outlet Price = .99 cents
Safeway Price = $3.89
Hamburger Buns, 8 ct.
Grocery Outlet Price = .99 cents
Safeway Price = $2.99

Near East Long grain and wild rice
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.29
Safeway Price = $2.26

Cucina Tuscana Green Olives stuffed with Garlic, 13.54 oz.
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.99
Closest thing to it at Safeway was Mezzetta, 10 oz. at $7.19

Pepperage Farms Pretzel Thins
Grocery Outlet Price = .99 cents
Safeway Price = $3.49

Nabisco Lorna Doone 100 calerie 6 pk.
Grocery Outlet Price = $1.69
Safeway Price = $2.50

Nature Valley Granola Bars
Grocery Outlet Price = .99 cents
Safeway Price = $3.79

In general, I wasn't that suprised as I have been shopping at the Grocery Outlet for several years, used to go with my Mom when I was a kid, but I also know that you do have to be careful about what you buy there because they can be (in a few cases) actually higher then what you would pay somewhere else with a coupon. That being said, I always buy my Parmasan, Gorganzola and Gouda (my much beloved stinky fromages) there because it is considerably cheaper. Coffee is almost always a better deal there, even when compared to Cosco or weekly sale ads by other stores. As with any store you go too, watch the "best by" dates. Grocery Outlet does not sell expired items, but some of them are pretty close dated. But then again, Ive seen the same thing at Walmart so I guess its not here or there really.

Next week, Ginger and I plan on going on a Free Spree, we are going to hit every Walgreens, Right-Aid, Walmart and Target on the Northside and pick up any and everything we can get for free or near free with coupons. It should be a fun day, even if we dont find anything. There is this gal (not sure if she lives in Spokane or not) who does this and then sells it all at her yard sales, and making some good money. Very Clever!



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